Helping Baby and Pet Become BFFs

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Having a baby and a pet is double the fun, but it can be double the work, especially when it comes to helping them create a great relationship with each other. Whether you’re introducing a new baby or furry friend to the mix, don’t worry—we’ve got you covered with a list of tips to help ease the transition!

Acing the introduction
If you’re introducing your little one to your furry friend for the first time, make sure to prepare in advance. The Humane Society suggests enrolling your pet in a training class to help them learn to remain calm in new environments. If your pet isn’t familiar with babies, ask friends and family members with little ones if they can visit for a supervised pet-baby playdate. You’ll get a feel for how your pet will react to baby, which could range from extremely excited to surprisingly avoidant. You can also help your pet get used to baby sounds by playing a recording of a baby crying in another room months before.

Nurturing a great relationship
After you’ve gotten the introduction down, now you can focus on creating a lasting bond between your pet and baby. Create fun bonding time between them by going on walks together as they get used to each other’s company. Take the two of them out for a family picnic and enjoy the outdoors. As your little one grows older, you’ll want to communicate with them how to hold your pet gently and respect them during playtime . If both your pet and baby learn their limits, they’ll establish a safe and playful relationship in no time.

Perfecting your cleanup routine
There’s bound to be plenty of messes with that much cuteness around! The changing environment might cause more messes from your furry friend, which is why you should keep a good eco-friendly cleaner around the house. Plant-powered Disney ECOS™ For Pets! Stain & Odor Remover uses enzymes to neutralize pet odors and lift tough pet stains from floors and fabrics. Many of our Baby ECOS™ and ECOS™ For Pets! cleaners are made with U.S. EPA Safer Choice-certified ingredients, so little ones can get back to playtime in no time after cleanup.

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Earth Day with Baby

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Get ready for April 22, one of the best and most important days of the year—Earth Day! Created in 1970, Earth Day now attracts over 1 billion participants around the globe. It’s the perfect time to show your appreciation for Mother Earth and get involved in protecting our planet. This year, teach your little one about the earth with these fun activities!

Read books about our beautiful earth
You can start to teach your little one about sustainability with fun children’s books like The Lorax by Dr. Seuss and Wump World by Bill Peet. Books like these are a fun way to teach baby about the beauty of nature. Even if they’re too young to read on their own, the American Academy of Pediatrics encourages parents to read to children in infancy because it stimulates brain function and strengthens parent-child relationships.

Switching to a green cleaner is a smart way to help avoid harsh chemicals in your home. Baby ECOS™ Here & There All Surface Cleaner is perfect for cleaning tables, counters, and furniture around the house and its certified Safer Choice by the U.S Environmental Protection Agency.

Make recycling fun
Recycling can be exciting with a little bit of creativity! These Monster Recycling Boxes are an adorable way to introduce children to recycling. Each “monster” can be used to recycle a different item, like plastic, paper, or aluminum cans.

Get crafty
Kids love crafts—especially finger painting! It’s a great activity that encourages creativity for your little one. For Earth Day, you can get blue and green eco-friendly finger paints to create an earth-inspired painting! Draw a large circle on paper, or use a paper plate, and let your little one paint inside of the circle. You’ll have a beautiful painting of the earth! You can repeat this every year at Earth Day as your child grows older; you can even make it a family tradition.

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Spring Cleaning for Baby

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It’s no surprise that having a baby can add a few extra steps to your cleaning routine. Now that winter is ending, and spring is on the horizon, it’s the perfect time to renew your home with spring cleaning! That doesn’t have to mean tearing everything out of the cabinets and exhausting yourself; creating a safer home can be accomplished with a few easy steps.

Clean surfaces with safer products
The most important thing about cleaning your home is making it safer for your family. Babies are especially vulnerable to the negative effects of indoor air pollution and to toxic chemicals found in many traditional cleaning products. Conventional household cleaners can cause irritation to your child’s sensitive skin, eyes, and airways. If you’re feeling worried that your cleaners could be dangerous to your little one, it’s time for a change!

Switching to a green cleaner is a smart way to help avoid harsh chemicals in your home. Baby ECOS™ Here & There All Surface Cleaner is perfect for cleaning tables, counters, and furniture around the house and its certified Safer Choice by the U.S Environmental Protection Agency.

Open your windows
Did you know we spend 90% of our time indoors where air pollutant levels can be 2 to 5 times higher than they are outside? Kids today also spend half as much time playing outside as their parents did, which means breathing in more stale inside air! Freshen up your house this spring by opening your windows and allow the fresh air to circulate and rejuvenate your home.

Reduce, reuse & reorganize
Reduce clutter and excess waste this spring! Living minimally has a lot of positive environmental benefits, like decreasing your carbon footprint. You can start by reducing what you purchase and making a shopping list before you go to the store. The more planned out a purchase is beforehand, the more likely you are to keep and use that product for years to come!

You can extend the lifespan of your unwanted items by donating them to a thrift store, which reduces the amount of waste that ends up in landfills. Donate baby clothes, toys, and other products you no longer use, or pass them along to a family member or friend instead of throwing things away.

Finally, organize your home to open the space and make it feel more inviting. Invest in shelves to put away toys, bottles, blankets, and other baby items. Once playtime is done, you can put away toys in a cubby that’s out of sight and create a relaxing environment for yourself when baby is sleeping.

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Valentine’s Day With Baby

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It’s February and love is in the air! Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and this year you might have a new, extra-special person to celebrate with. You’ve been working hard as a parent, so use this holiday to relax and enjoy your loved ones on this special day.

So, what can you do this year to celebrate, with a new baby on the scene?

Date night at home
Valentine’s Day is all about romance, and that doesn’t have to change now that you have a baby! If you have a special someone in your life, you’ve had to rely on each other to raise your bundle of joy. You’ve gone through the ups and downs of parenthood together, and that calls for celebration. Show your partner you love them by having a romantic dinner date at home. It doesn’t have to be complicated - in fact, you could have their favorite meal delivered to your home from a local restaurant or use a meal delivery service to cut down on prep time. Make the meal extra special with a playlist of your partner’s favorite songs played while you dine.

Have friends over to celebrate
With a new baby at home you might be craving extra time with your friends and want more adult company. You can use Valentine’s Day to show love for your friends as well! Host a potluck-style get-together at home with romantic comedies ready to watch. Don’t forget to have lots of sweets on hand to celebrate the holiday. You can also serve Valentine’s Day-themed cocktails and mocktails using pink lemonade, strawberries, and pink sugar to line the rim of each glass. If you’re feeling up to it, put cut-out pink and red hearts to scatter around the house for a sweet Valentine’s Day vibe.

Make Valentine’s cards
Remember back in elementary school when kids used to give cute little Valentine’s cards? If you feel like being crafty, bring back that tradition by making a card featuring a picture of your little one. Take an adorable picture of baby dressed up in pink & red and print out the photo for a DIY Valentine. All you need is pink or red construction paper to cut into a heart. Then paste the picture in the middle, write a cute note on the back, and give or mail them to family and friends. P.S. You can use recycled materials to save money and protect the environment!

Share your love of nature
There’s something about being outside in nature that’s inherently beautiful and romantic, especially when you’re with loved ones. If it isn’t too cold where you are, go outside for a family date at your local park, botanical garden, or your closest adventure spot. Enjoy a date with your family, or just you and your little one, in the beautiful outdoors. Grab snacks and a blanket for an easy picnic outside with your favorite treats. Don’t forget to prewash your fruit and veggie snacks before you head out on your picnic! Rinse away oily residues and dirt quickly with Baby ECOS™ Fruit & Veggie Wash, which is specially designed for little ones.

Bring Self Care Into Your New Year

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Welcome to 2018! It’s a new year for you to learn how to lead a healthier and happier life. Being a parent can feel like a nonstop job; however, you’ll be at your parenting best when you take time to relax and rejuvenate. Be more at ease this year with these New Year’s resolutions that incorporate some essential self-care.

Catch up on ZZZs
Sleep is important. One more time: Sleep is important! Good sleep can be hard to come by with a baby in the house. This year, when you feel comfortable, ask a trusted relative or friend to babysit overnight. With an overnight babysitter every now and again, you can catch up on good, uninterrupted sleep. You might also ask that special helper to give you some extra help at home during the day. That way you can take a nap while they’re watching your little one.

Make time to see your friends
Spend time with the people who make you happy! You can do a fun play date with other parents or a solo brunch on the weekend. Don’t forget about the people who uplift your spirits and can make you feel refreshed. Plan an exciting (or relaxing) friends night out to look forward to.

Practice mindfulness
Parenthood is great, but we’d be lying if we didn’t admit it can be stressful too. After a long year, consider adopting mindfulness and other meditative practices into your weekly routine. You can experience mindfulness through everyday activities — even eating or drawing. All you need to do is turn the conversations in your mind off and give yourself fully to the action you’re doing. You can also download an app that will help you meditate at home. Practicing mindfulness will help relax you during your day and be more present.

Be kind to yourself
Don’t be so hard on yourself! You’re doing just fine. Make sure to focus on the things you’re doing well. Don’t compare yourself to other parents, especially on social media, because no one does parenthood perfectly.

In 2018 make self-care a regular part of your routine. You won’t regret taking the extra time to keep yourself healthy and happy!

Celebrate an Eco-Friendly Holiday Season with Baby!

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Celebrate this winter holiday season with your family while also showing love to the planet.

It’s never too early to set a positive example of sustainable practices for your little one. Here are some tips to help your baby’s holiday stay fun and eco-friendly!

For gift-giving, wrapping paper is used once and then thrown away. In fact, it’s thrown away so much that all that waste could wrap around the earth nine times! You can help reduce this waste by wrapping with recycled options like:

  • Old newspaper
  • Book pages from a book you no longer read
  • A decorated paper grocery bag
  • An old cloth for a unique gift wrap

Delicious food is one of the best parts of winter parties that your baby will surely enjoy! You can help reduce food waste by:

  • Turning a holiday dinner into a baby food puree
  • Preparing your meal far in advance to avoid buying too much
  • Composting leftovers for your garden

You have a growing baby, spread the holiday cheer by donating baby items you no longer use. There are a lot of families that could use help this year and donating helps them and the planet by reducing waste.

  • Find a gift donation and drop off clean used toys
  • Donate baby clothes instead of throwing them away to mothers in need
  • Donate extra packaged baby food items

Enjoy spending time with your family and creating a warm, festive, and eco-friendly home this December!

First Thanksgiving With Baby

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Happy November, the kickoff month for the end-of-the-year holidays! November and December are jam-packed with holiday fun for you and your little one. If this is your baby’s first Thanksgiving, don’t worry—we’ve got you covered with tips to help it go smoothly.

Plan your day
If you want to split the day between two homes, plan it out in advance. If one side of the family likes to host Thanksgiving brunch and the other dinner—perfect! You can take time in between both events to let baby nap and to take a break yourself. However, if you want to make it to two Thanksgiving dinners, plan on spending at least two hours at each.

Wear something nursing-friendly
If you’re nursing, finding an easy outfit to wear in the winter can be a challenge. Wrap dresses provide a lot of flexibility with easy access and you can pair it with a nice cardigan and leggings if it’s cold. Tops with zippers, buttons or stretchy sweaters, might be your best bet for a smooth Thanksgiving while nursing.

Prep baby’s food
You can make some Thanksgiving purees the night before so baby won’t go hungry. Try to get festive with pumpkin, squash and cranberry flavors. You can take the purees along with you in a cooler bag, especially if you’re travelling house to house.

Manage family time
This might be the first time that some family members are meeting your little one. This means they might constantly ask to hold your baby throughout the gathering. Going from person to person can cause stress for your baby, who might be getting tired from a long day. If your baby is new to all the attention, try to kindly let family members know when your little one needs a break.

Save leftovers
Even babies love Thanksgiving food! Save the turkey, sweet potatoes, veggies and stuffing for baby for later. Some of these foods will be soft enough for baby on their own, while others can be blended down into a nice puree.

Tips for a greener Halloween!!

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3 Fun & Healthy Halloween Snacks for Kids

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It’s Halloween season! Finally you can enjoy delicious snacks with a spooky theme. If you’re looking for healthy alternatives for your kids, you’re in luck! We’ve crafted a list of our favorite healthy Halloween treats from around the web just for you and your kids to enjoy.

To me, Halloween means candy corn! I always make sure to have a big bowl of candy corn in my home every year. It’s become a tradition for many families because of its sweet, chewy texture and bright fall colors. These fun Candy Corn Popsicles from Chew Chew Mama are big, refreshing version of my favorite Halloween treat—and healthier for little ones too.

To make them, you just need some popsicle molds, organic juices and yogurt. It’s an easy recipe that your kids will love!

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Have you ever noticed that clementines look like little pumpkins? This sweet cross between a mandarin and an orange makes a great healthy snack for kids, and the best part is you can easily decorate them just like a Halloween pumpkin! Jack-o-clementines are easy to make with a black permanent marker and a bag of clementines, which are in season right now. Let your kids get creative and draw fun Halloween faces on their cute little clementines to display for Halloween or send to school for a yummy festive snack.

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Halloween is all about ghosts, monsters and witches. These Pretzel Witch Brooms are easy to make with pretzels and cheese sticks – a kid favorite combo! Little ones can help with this recipe too – as you prepare the cheese, they can add the pretzel. Kids love to eat what they help make!

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With all the less-than-healthy sweets that kids eat during the Halloween season, these snacks will help you add a little healthy fun!

4 Ways to Prepare Your Home for a New Baby

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Congratulations! Your little bundle of joy is almost ready to meet the world. As your belly grows, so does the need for new baby gear to fill your home. Here are some steps help welcome your little one for the big day and keep you calm and organized during this big transition.

Load your fridge and freezer with prepared meals
Make it easier on yourself by meal prepping! You might be too tired to cook three meals a day for yourself once you’re looking after a little one. Even if you just meal prep one meal or a few snacks, you’ll thank yourself later when you’re not hungry and tired at the same time.

Plan your wardrobe in advance
Plan a couple of outfits that you’d be comfortable wearing around the house after your first few weeks after birth. Leggings paired with a flowy shirt will help your body breathe and allow you to move around easily without discomfort. This will end up being an energy saver in the morning, just like meal prep! Just fold the outfits in your closet and have them ready to go for when you arrive home after delivery.

Stock up on cleaners that are safer for baby
A new baby means new messes around the house. Save yourself trips to the store by stocking up on a few months’ worth of cleaners made with safer ingredients. Baby ECOS™ has great options for laundry, fruit and veggie washing and cleaning messy surfaces.

Get organized with storage space
Now that you’ve prepared for baby, where do you put all the stuff? A messy nursery and house might create additional stress once your baby is born. Use an easy organization system (lots of tape and labels!) that helps you quickly get to the items you need and keep the items you don’t need out of eyesight until you do.

Fall in Love With Fall at Home

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Uh oh, summer is coming to a close and fall is on the horizon. Even though you might miss the sunshine, I’m sure you’re looking forward to the pumpkin spice and Halloween costumes right around the corner. Here are some tips to transform your home into the perfect fall refuge.

Get fall-scented candles
Nothing says fall like the scent of pumpkin, cinnamon and vanilla. Get fall-scented candles to make your house stand out to your guests and put them in a festive mood. Look at social enterprises with a good cause that sell eco-friendly candles.

Look up fall recipes
If you love cooking, try a few new recipes this fall. To be environmentally conscious, consider trying a plant-based alternative to one of your favorite meat dishes. You can make healthier Halloween candy with pretzels, vegan marshmallows and cacao nibs.

Get crafty
Something about fall just makes me think of crafts. Consider making a Halloween costume from scratch this year and reuse old materials you have, or check out your local thrift store. You can be creative and help eliminate waste from a landfill by upcycling materials.

Tips For Traveling With Baby

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If you like to jet set, don’t be scared away from travel if you need to bring your children along. If you’re a new mom, the thought of flying with an infant can bring a lot of anxiety. Here are some quick tips to help soothe some of the anxiety you might have about a flight with your baby.

Pack smart
Pack any diaper-changing supplies into a smaller bag within your diaper bags(diaper, changing pad and wipes). When it’s time to change a diaper, it’s easy to grab and go without digging through a packed bag with a wet and fussy baby!

Bring a toy
If you have a toddler, bring along an activity for them to play with so they don’t get too restless on the plane. A coloring book is easy to pack in a backpack and is quiet. You can also search for smart phone apps made for toddlers to play with. Don’t forget to bring your baby-friendly headphones, just in case the app is noisy! There are many cordless headphones designed to be safer for little ones.

Snacks are a must
Snacks at the airport are priced much higher than your local convenience store. It’s also harder to find healthy options at the airport where fast food is abundant. Before you leave for the airport, prep some apple slices, celery and travel pouch applesauce!

Bring calming music
Some planes offer inflight music entertainment, but just in case they don’t, make a soothing music playlist for you and your little ones (if they're old enough). Don’t forget baby’s special headphones!

Don’t panic if they cry
Don’t be embarrassed if your child cries on his first airplane ride. Most people on the plane have been there before with their own kids and aren’t thinking less of you. Stay calm and keep working on soothing your baby. Babies usually settle after a few trips up and down the aisle, and it’s great to get a mid-flight stretch for you as well.

Why You Should Shop Local

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If you’re making changes to be more environmentally friendly, you can start with your kitchen. You don’t have to change what you buy, but changing where you buy can reduce your carbon footprint. If you check online, your community or a nearby one probably has a local farmer's market.

Local food is in season
When you buy locally you’re more aware of what’s produced seasonally and seasonal produce tastes the best! Shop locally to get in touch with the variety of foods your community grows all year.

Supporting local farmers also supports your local economy
When you buy local, you empower your nearby farmers who are growing organic food. They’re competing against non-organic farmers who are able to produce fruit and veggies at a much lower price point. Show your local farmers that you appreciate their efforts to bring healthy food into your community by buying from them whenever you can. You’re adding money back into your local economy by doing so.

Eating local reduces your carbon footprint
Produce is shipped from all over the world to your closest grocery store. When you buy from a conventional grocery store, you might be getting food that indirectly releases tons of carbon dioxide to transport via air or truck. When you shop locally, you reduce transport time and your carbon footprint.

Building community
Shopping locally, especially at a weekly farmer’s market, might build community! Soon you’ll get used to saying hi to the man at the honey stand and might even even make friends with the fresh squeezed juice seller. When you show up to shop regularly, you’ll help make your community stronger.